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Server Rules

1.Respect The server. 1.1 Respect the server, time and money invested for you to play for free. Respect every single person who plays on this server and try to keep calmness between you and others, we have to make this rules in order to survive long term. 2.Abusive Language. 2.1 Abusive language can be harsh words against a Family member, Religion, Countries and personal informations. Real life have nothing to do with this game, keep your personal issues outside. 3.Abuse PK 3.1 Server is free PvP, that means pk is free on any PvP-Map, but in order to give a good time playing for our community users and the period of time we live on, we have some specific rules about pk. PK can be everywhere, you can do it to get a spot you like, or to kill your enemy/enemy guild. A nosense pk on a full map will only have bad resaults for our community members, most of them have families, jobs and/or schools. So, one user is not allowed to make a full pk on a whole map or any buffers of an X map, respect the time of users and let them be 10 reset, later you can punish them on any event, i don't expect anyone to accept this rule, but you have to. 4.Post abuse 4.1 Post is a message that every online player watching at. We allow only english on post, but you may have a small converstration in your language too. Personal issues with another user or a clan can be talked on PM, you ain't the center of this server, and with your spam you don't let others read a market or party posts. 4.2 The biggest reason of post is the market, you can post unlimited about your trades, but you dont have to spamm it every 30 sec when nobody else is typing something. Give some space an some time. 5. Selling for real Money $$ 5.1 Selling items/accounts for real cash money is not allowed, in case we found an action like this, we'll ban permanent each ones accounts and any other account they have join with. 6. Advrtise other servers/ Push players to leave or change server. 6.1 Advs another server in our community is permaban. 6.2 Push players to change or leave the server by any bad behavior is up to Admin to decide the punishment. 7. Rspect Admin,GM's decisions 7.1 Admins decisions can be different from situation to situation, we may count 2 similar abuse with different style of punishment. 7.2 Admin,GM's can decide to punish with a Chat Ban, Character Ban or Account Ban. Punishment time is on their hand. 7.3 GM's are here to follow my commands, you have to respect them and do not use any ironic behavior. 8. Harassment against Admin Team. 8.1 Admin will never help a user not even by giving a single Zen. Do not beg for zen, items, resets, disconnect ,move or anything thats against the rules. Admins will ignore this behavior, if this will happend again from same user, Admins have the right to punish the user. 8.2 Donates are same to everyone and donates are a BIG help on server in order to be long term. But because you have money dont expect to buy or to ask for something better than what we provide or any item, reset or rename. 8.3 Question, Suggestions and generally good ideas are always welcome, but dont overextend this part, make your action properly and with respect, we give time on your ideas, do not judge us with nosense arguments and do not spam. Use Discord or Website support system.(edited) 9. Personal info / Accounts / Items / Votes 9.1 Do not share your accounts to anyone, if you shared your account with someone else Admin team cant help you, is your account and you must protect it. In some strange situations Admin can act different and punish the thief or even the victim. Share your accounts by your own risk. Do not share your passwords not even to Admins, nobody needs your accounts. 9.2 Do not givce your items to people you dont trust, if you will lose an item like this, Admin cant do anything to help you. 9.3 Vote is 1 every 12hours for each one of human players and not online character, you may vote up to 3 times with different char/ip. More characters vote from a single person translates imnto abuse of vote system, you may end up not only get banned but deleted accounts aswell.(edited) Rules Agreement. By playing on our server makes you full aware of our rules and our punishment methods, and/or some different rule methods from other servers, maybe you don't like something from our rules but rules are here to follow them. In any case of infringement rules punishmen will be done with out warning
Currently this is only one server.