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Posted 20 / 08 / 2019

Jewel Bank system is now here!!
type /bank /banksub /bankadd
/bankadd To add jewels in to your BANK> /bankadd bless 15 , or soul or life or chaos etc and type number, number = how many of your inventory.
/banksub To get jewels out of BANK> /banksub bless 10, to get jewels in to your inventory.
For "Bless", "Soul", "Life", "Chaos", "Creation". With no limit

Posted 04 / 08 / 2019

28/07/2019 Maintenance its over

  • Disconnect/Lag issues fixed.
  • Event Times fixed.
  • Discord commands added 
  • !chaosgoblin10 !chaosgoblin12 !chaosgoblin13!chaosgoblin11 
  • !bkvsbk !smvssm !jeweloflife !jewels 

Posted 29 / 07 / 2019

28/07/2019 Server Maintenance

Hello everyone,

First of all. my apologies for the recently usntable connections, today 28/07/2019 our hosting company gonna do a  full Server Maintenance, if the issue is not gonna be fixed we are gonna move into a new HOST,
We'll know more about the situation at the middle of the day, feel free to play now but better use /offattack  mode to avoid disconnects, thanks in advice! Big events coming after we solve this problem.

Best regars, Dope.

Posted 28 / 07 / 2019

Update is done

@everyone        #updates-announce         #ancient-options           #to-do-list 

-Guardians (Guardian, Imp, Dino, Unilia) have 200% defense, same goes to (Rings, Pendants and Pets)
-New PvP ring at **Davias Gate 227 70** added, run launcher to be updated. Powered by DopeBoyOne for Arcana Network!
-Starter Kit from Ring of Warrior 40lvl now provide Full Ancient gear **Jewelry Arcana ** #ancient-options 
[FIXED] Siege Server Reconnect working correctly.
[FIXED] "Hero" status disappearing before the expected.
[FIXED] "Max AG" effect not working correctly.
[FIXED] "Max SD" effect not working correctly.
[FIXED] Extra jewels not adding rate on some mixes.

Previous updates 
- New Ancient Buffer set :hot:  Cassius Kriss, Fairy Shield and Water Pendant #ancient-options 
- New Ancient earrings :hot: Jewelry Pendant of Ability, Ring of Earth and Ring of Magic #ancient-options 
- New ancients Arcane and Cassius - Jewelry now have full name "Arcane Arcana" ,  "Cassius Arcana" and "Jewelry Arcana" #ancient-options 
- 380 options changes Defensive Skill 200 into 400 , Max. HP increase  200 into 1.000 and Max. SD Increase +700 into 13.000
- Cassius Buffer set is now available on drop rates!
- Jewelry Arcana earrings #ancient-options  are now available on Ring of Warrior level 40 as a starting pack gift for our new users!

Posted 18 / 07 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.