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19/02/19 4 months online update

19/02/19 4 Months online
*+1 Extra Reset with 25 Experience on **11 Reset**.
*Command to Pack Jewel of Bless/Soul (10, (20) and (30) from anywhere you are.
 /pack - /unpack ( Bless , Soul) (10, 20, 30) **e.x /pack bless 30  , unpack soul 10**
You must have the required amount of jewel on same bundle.
*More ways to spend Gold Credits/Credits, Next update
*Donate 7 Days Double Reward + Random Gold Credits gifts after donation
*Extra Patch for new ancient exist on,  and now its updated on server too,
Please extract the new patch so you wont have wrong values "visual" everything works from now, but patch is good to see 100% corrcet options dmgs aka values...if you have any problem call us for support.

Posted 19 / 02 / 2019 By Dopeboyoneee

Currently this is only one server.