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Update Done

1. Devil Square exp x2 - drop excellent x2
2. Kalima1 Monsters attack damage reduced.
 Excellent drop rate reduced.
 Exp and zen drop increased

3. Erohim - event timer added on website
 Loren Deep, Land of Trial Boss
 (1) Erohim Boss Drops: x1
 Excellent Drops: Kundun Staff,  Daybreak, Dark Reign Blade, Knight Blade, Arrow Viper Bow, Great Lord Scepter

4. Castle Siege Registration will start  3~4/12/2018
 And castle Siege Fight 9/12/2018
 Castle siege is weekly fight, and you need to defense / attack every week if you participate.

*Monsters reloaded due to updates, Nightmare and Kalima6 boss respawnd aswell.

Posted 25 / 11 / 2018

Server was offline for 5 hours due to host updates

Server was offline for 5 hours due to host updates,
We are back online and with the new Kalima 1 map we promised to you.

Be ready for Castle Siege, is coming very soon!

Posted 23 / 11 / 2018

Zen exchange / 2 new Votes / Gold Credits

Zen exchange for Gold Credits
Log in on website with your account>
Be sure you are offline from game>
Go to Account Panel > 
And go down to >

And then >

400.000.000zen = 2 Gold Credits
Maximum exchange per use 800.000.000zen.

Websiteshop now have:
GC Jewel of Bless (30) for 22 Gold Credits
GC Jewel of Soul (30) for 15 Gold Credits
GC Box of kundun +1 for 3 Gold Credits
GC Box of kundun +1 for 4 Gold Credits
GC Box of kundun +1 for 5 Gold Credits
GC Box of kundun +1 for 6 Gold Credits
​​​​​​​GC Box of kundun +1 for 7 Gold Credits

TopG vote = 3 Gold Credits
Gtop100 vote = 3 Gold Credits

Gold credits short name is GC and can be found only from this 2 new vote, and from zen.

Posted 19 / 11 / 2018

Zen exchange for Gold Credits and extra Vote.

1.Zen exchange to Gold Credits.
New system to exchange your characters Zen for Gold Credits.
You better start picking sets with excellent option +zen, because your zen from now on have a big value !
on next days we'll enable this feature and you will be able to buy some cool stuff from or website/shop.

2.Extra vote website with Gold Credit rewards.
A new website vote system with Gold Credit reward.

*Credits can be earned with Donations or Votes.
**Gold Credits can be earned with Zen or Votes, be ready for this exclusive system..Coming really soon!

Posted 19 / 11 / 2018

Kalima7 boss changes

Kalima7 boss changes,

You can read on website event time,
Now boss is every 8 Hours instead of 12 Hours. 12:45, 20:45 and 04:45
Announced when boss is online.
Announced when boss is dead.

Last boss was wrong time due to some Host updates, and time changed.
So 1 party took advantage of this, items drops removed of the killer party.

Server restarted. Due to normal situations sundays is days of changes and maintenances.
Server is back online.

Posted 18 / 11 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.