Client V3 is Ready! Download and Play!
Posted 17 / 03 / 2019
Update is DONE!
Server is online! Full Client V3 is ready...!
Download and Play!
New client, new premium antihack and launcher!
Huge update , new client new antihack fixes and new 2nd server
Posted 14 / 03 / 2019
Arcana Mu Season2
Soon we will release a big update
Including New launcher and anti-hack
This will finish every weird problem that some player had,
Including 7 new updates on files and probably one more Server on Season2 different style,
Our ArcanaMu 11 Reset will remain as it is. Most likely will be offline for couple of hours, but you are gonna need for sure new client, this client will end every problem, same on launcher.
<==>We have ideas to open a 2nd extra server
2nd server 0 Reset x15 Stats (total 6450)
2nd server 0 Reset x5 stats (2400)
2nd or 3rd server 75 Reset x5 stats
2nd or 3rd server  999reset max exp
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Currently this is only one server.