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Update is done

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-Guardians (Guardian, Imp, Dino, Unilia) have 200% defense, same goes to (Rings, Pendants and Pets)
-New PvP ring at **Davias Gate 227 70** added, run launcher to be updated. Powered by DopeBoyOne for Arcana Network!
-Starter Kit from Ring of Warrior 40lvl now provide Full Ancient gear **Jewelry Arcana ** #ancient-options 
[FIXED] Siege Server Reconnect working correctly.
[FIXED] "Hero" status disappearing before the expected.
[FIXED] "Max AG" effect not working correctly.
[FIXED] "Max SD" effect not working correctly.
[FIXED] Extra jewels not adding rate on some mixes.

Previous updates 
- New Ancient Buffer set :hot:  Cassius Kriss, Fairy Shield and Water Pendant #ancient-options 
- New Ancient earrings :hot: Jewelry Pendant of Ability, Ring of Earth and Ring of Magic #ancient-options 
- New ancients Arcane and Cassius - Jewelry now have full name "Arcane Arcana" ,  "Cassius Arcana" and "Jewelry Arcana" #ancient-options 
- 380 options changes Defensive Skill 200 into 400 , Max. HP increase  200 into 1.000 and Max. SD Increase +700 into 13.000
- Cassius Buffer set is now available on drop rates!
- Jewelry Arcana earrings #ancient-options  are now available on Ring of Warrior level 40 as a starting pack gift for our new users!

Posted 18 / 07 / 2019

Server updated started

Server updated started, E.T 30~45 Minutes!

Posted 18 / 07 / 2019

Updates so far

Extra vaults /vault 0 is the Default /vault 1 and /vault2 is your 2 extra vaults
Castle Siege raven high-speed value fixed
Arcane Adamantite ancient set is ready
Gywen Guardian reworked - Silver Bow Removed
Time of Server is now -2 Hours and is exactly the same as website timer!
Boss Kundun at Kalima7 can now be pushed away with Skills.
New Sign on top of Administrator Head (required update from launcher)
New Color on the Level UP aura (required update from launcher)

Posted 02 / 07 / 2019

Server updated accoutns disconnected

The monthly routine update is done,


Posted 30 / 05 / 2019

7 Months and 1 Day, lets make it a Year!

PK Clear system changed 
1 Kill = 10.000.000  /pkclear
example if you have 10 Kills it costs 100.000.000..

Chaos Castle 4-5-6
Reward for the winner changed from 1 Drop to 3 Drops

Ancient drop with Luck increased to 10%
Land of trials, DS, Chaos Castles have extra% to drop Ancients with luck

Extra vaults
 /vault 0 is the Default
 /vault 1 and /vault2 is your  2 extra vaults

Posted 20 / 05 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.