Big Update coming soon...

Big Update coming soon...
-[0rr Server]Small ATTACK % Nerf on MG on Server1/2 (SiegeServer MG will remain same)
-[0rr Server]Small DEFENSE % Nerf on DarkLord on SiegeServer (Server1,2 DL will remain same)
-[0rr/10rr Server]Ancient Cassius addon 2/3 parts. Extra nerf changes on options.
-[0rr/10rr Server]New Ancient Light Plate set by Arcana (Based on Stamper Builds and Ignore)

-[0rr/10rr Server]Reward from Events improvements.
-[0rr/10rr Server]Reward from Bali/Soldier improvements on +Level of the items,

Posted10 / 05 / 2020Byadmin22

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