2nd(New) Server Season 7 (ex702) beta mod on

Our new Server season7 (ex702) is now online on Beta Version..
Soon you gonna have Client from Downloads
  • ExpVIP35/50  , Drop/vip: 35/40 
  • MaxReset: 1 (clear inventory,clear stats & clear skills)
  • Points for 1 reset:
  • BK:350
  • RF:350
  • ELF:400
  • DL:400
  • MG:410
  • SUM:410
  • SM:420


  • Trivia x6 Hours x10 Question = 1Chaos CASH points
  • Dungeon Race x24 Hours = not ready yet (21:00)
  • Kundun event x12 hours 380/ancient/excellent
  • Chaos Castle x3 Hours (13:30,16:30...)
  • Blood Castle x2 Hours (13:00,15:00...)
  • Devil square x2 Hours  (14:00,16:00...)
  • Illusion Temple (not decided yet)
  • HAPPY HOUR x2 (00:00~01:00,12:00~13:00)
    soon more news

Posted 22 / 05 / 2015

Server Maintenance 17/05/2015 29:00 GMT+2

  • Blue Chocolate Box to be enable
  • Change some spots
    icarus and kanturu3
  • Update for anti-hack
  • Summoner level 1 wings to be usable for summoner
  • New Book for summoner also include books in to boks 2/4/5
  • Limit of users online from 230 -> 260
  • Chaos Machine +5% 
  • few more..
  • few more..HERE

Posted 17 / 05 / 2015

Connect FTP Problem? Easy just download the patch

So we have a small problem,it will be fixed in next hours but however to avoid this problem just extract the patch in to the client of Mu Arcana...
Log in from Main.exe and try later from Mu.exe

Posted 14 / 05 / 2015

[1] First Tournament 1vs1 - 3vs3 16/05/2015

registernow for the upcoming Tournament event.
First PvP and TvT event, we gonna have a full day of PvP tournaments..follow the link to register your team or your player : 
Click HERE
  • Tournament 1vs1
    register your name Down bellow with comment for 1vs1. e.x [1VS1 EVENT "BK" DopeBoyOne] other e.x [1vs1 event "SM SoulSM]
    Duel will be in /duel mode best of 3 (The first with 3 Kills won, vip users are allowed to watch live PvP from Special NPC lorencia.
    Reward will be Red Fenrir rc3o8x.jpg
  • Tournament 3vs3
    register your name Down bellow with comment for 3vs3. e.x [3VS3 EVENT  DopeBoyOne,BestBk,XXelf] other e.x [3vs3 event and include your 3 mates names ]
    Duel will be in /duel mode best of 3 (The first with 3 Kills won, vip users are allowed to watch game live in PvP With Special NPC lorencia.
    Reward will be 1 Black Fenrir t4x06r.jpg
  • And more PvP fun duels,Check the link to learn everything & Register your name with comment!!
  • Click HERE

Posted 16 / 05 / 2015

2 Months Arcana Mu Alive

Hello everyone,im happy to announce almost 60 days online server with some following events-updates


All this changes will be Done on 09/05/2015 GMT+2 14:00~20:00 Server will be offline for around 2 Minutes.

  • [Blood Castle 6]
    +25 Experience
    +2% Jewel drop Rate 
    Reward from statue 1 Boks+5 per user

  • [Summoner Release] 09 05 2015 
    Items on Silver Medal - GOLD Medal added
    Items on Boks of kundun +2,4,5 added
    Items-skills from normal monsters added
    Items for Bosses Medusa,Kalima 6-7,Nightmare-MayaHands added
    Shop in Noria added
    Ancient items not ready (it will be on 09 05 2015)

  • [Castle Siege] 11 05 2015
    Ancient drop in Land of Trials not ready 
    Senior Mix not ready 
    Register 11/05/2015
    Fight for Castle 17/05/2015
    there is a possibility to open siege register 1 week after 11/05 it will be announced in next days

  • Please follow HERE the topic for updates.

Posted 04 / 05 / 2015

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