Zen exchange for Gold Credits and extra Vote.
Posted 19 / 11 / 2018

1.Zen exchange to Gold Credits.
New system to exchange your characters Zen for Gold Credits.
You better start picking sets with excellent option +zen, because your zen from now on have a big value !
on next days we'll enable this feature and you will be able to buy some cool stuff from or website/shop.

2.Extra vote website with Gold Credit rewards.
A new website vote system with Gold Credit reward.

*Credits can be earned with Donations or Votes.
**Gold Credits can be earned with Zen or Votes, be ready for this exclusive system..Coming really soon!

Kalima7 boss changes
Posted 18 / 11 / 2018
Kalima7 boss changes,

You can read on website event time,
Now boss is every 8 Hours instead of 12 Hours. 12:45, 20:45 and 04:45
Announced when boss is online.
Announced when boss is dead.

Last boss was wrong time due to some Host updates, and time changed.
So 1 party took advantage of this, items drops removed of the killer party.

Server restarted. Due to normal situations sundays is days of changes and maintenances.
Server is back online.
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