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Posted 11 / 01 / 2019
(*1) NEW Register time when you try to take crown from -3sec into -5sec [Next Update] (This means once you start registering the Crown, you will always start from -5sec, if you wanna 5 sec, you need to keep registering for continuously 10 seconds)
(*2) remain same Once alliance master have saved secs and he dies or move out from final room (switches,crown room) You will lose 1 Saved sec for each real time 4 sec you are away from this room if you dont have saved secs then nothing gonna happend.
(*3) 3 Free days of Silver VIP for each new registered account.

* DevilSquare 4-5-6 Low% Ancient drop (testing mode)
*Ancient options values increase/changes to fit into 10 Reset stats format. [Next Update] Read at #ancient-options-notready to find more about them on discord.
Devil Square 1~6 / BC 7 changes HOT
Posted 11 / 01 / 2019
DS1 Gorgon x3 
DS2 Balrog x3 
DS3 Hydra x3
DS4 Death Beam Knight x3 
DS5 Fire Golem x3
DS6 Hell Maine x3
Bosses Respawn after death and drop 1 excellent item adjust on the DS level.
Bosses Spawn 5 minutes before DevilSquare finish.
Blood castle7 reward per winner is
Drop1 have 100% to drop bok+5
Drop2 have 50% to drop bok+4
Drop3 have 25% to drop divine weapon excellent.
*That means you have 100% a Bok+5 and then another 50% to get an extra reward (Bok+4) and 25% to get an ArchAngel weapon excellent.
if you are lucky enough, you might end up get 3 rewards not just one.
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