29/11/2018 - Small update - Done
Posted 30 / 11 / 2018
Crywolf Balgass Boss updated correct.
 *We had some issue according to this boss, because it was standar dates. 
 *Schedule time fixed, and added 1 extra day.
 *You can check the website event timer is working correct 100%
Event starts at Sunday, Friday ,Tuesday
Erohim Boss
 *Drops x2 from now on, instead of x1
Upcoming events this December 
 *New Boxes drops from monster.
 *3 Different boxes for Low level user, Medium and High level charcaters.
*Green Candy Box, Red Candy Box and Blue Candy Box
 *Excellent items, weapons, shields + Luck/NoLuck + 1/2 excellent options (not higher than ascrow e.x)
 *Excellent rings, pends + 1 excellent option

 Upcoming events this December will be alot more than this! Be ready!
Update Done
Posted 25 / 11 / 2018
1. Devil Square exp x2 - drop excellent x2
2. Kalima1 Monsters attack damage reduced.
 Excellent drop rate reduced.
 Exp and zen drop increased

3. Erohim - event timer added on website
 Loren Deep, Land of Trial Boss
 (1) Erohim Boss Drops: x1
 Excellent Drops: Kundun Staff,  Daybreak, Dark Reign Blade, Knight Blade, Arrow Viper Bow, Great Lord Scepter

4. Castle Siege Registration will start  3~4/12/2018
 And castle Siege Fight 9/12/2018
 Castle siege is weekly fight, and you need to defense / attack every week if you participate.

*Monsters reloaded due to updates, Nightmare and Kalima6 boss respawnd aswell.
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