Update 29/04/20

Arcana Mu 0rr x10 Exp
-Non-PvP Server added 
There is No Events and No Bosses/MiniBosses on NoN-PVP
Drop rate is slightly lower than PvP Server

-MiniBosses now have 50% for extra 1 drop: Jewel of Bless, Soul or Chaos.

Arcana Mu 10rr x40 Exp
-Non-PvP Server experience changed in to 40, same as pvp server. ( on x10 rr server, not 0 rr server )

Posted28 / 04 / 2020

Last days Navy Candy Event Discount 21/04 ~ 26/04

(after 26/04 Navy Candy will be removed from Website/ Shop )

21~26/04 Navy Candy discount from 110 Credits in to 55 Credits!
Donations from 18/04 ~ 21/04 have been rewarded with Credits, same amount with the last donations. Enjoy 

Thanks for your support, by donating or playing, anything of that is a big help for us!

Posted22 / 04 / 2020

Downtime 10 Minutes

Server windows had an emergency update, server is back sorry for the mess. 

Posted15 / 04 / 2020

Update 1.1.5 and Maintenance Mu Online Season2

0 Reset server is back online, update is finished.
-Dungeon 1 move level  30~130
-Dungeon 2 move level  40~180
-Losttower 1 move level  50~250
-Losttower 2 move level  50~250
-Losttower 3 move level  50~250
-Losttower 4 move level  60~250
-Losttower 5 move level  60~250
-Losttower 6 move level  70~250
-Aida 1 move level 150 ~ 330
-Aida 2 move level 150 ~ 330
-Gates level reduced according to new move level.
-Dark Lord Summon removed for Dungeon, Losttowers, Aida.
-Arena monster no more walking far away
-Arena monsters first spots changed
-Arena whole map monsters are x5 instead x4
-Kalima6/7 added 1 more spot 
-Aida1 added 4 more spot 
-Kalima6, Crywolf, Kanturu3 = x3 Higher Drop rate for Jewel of Bless,Soul,Chaos,life
-Kalima7 = x4 Higher Drop rate for Jewel of Bless,Soul,Chaos,life
-Offstore needs 100 level+
Run launcher to get updates!
*if not working, restart your computer then run launcher again

Posted14 / 04 / 2020

Server Maintenances and Updates starts

Server maintenance starts now, E.T 1~2 Hours there is gonna be full list of change logs after that.

Posted14 / 04 / 2020

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