/re auto and /re auto 1234    auto-accept party when you are away (1234 can be changed on any 4 numbers you want).
/reset    Resets your character at 400 Level.
/pkclear    Clear killer status
/vault 0 , 1 and 2    Extra vaults.
/pack and /unpack    Jewel number e.x /pack bless 20, bless or soul name, any number 10,20,30 up to 150.
/store "jewel"    e.x /store bless or any other jewel.
/offstore    your online store become an offline afk store.
/attack 1 1 7    and any other skill code for afk and auto pick pick system
/offattack    for offline afk-autopick up mode.
/bank    open your bank list.
/bankadd    add jewels to your bank -e.x /bankadd "jewel" "quantity" /bankadd bless 20.
/banksub    get out jewel from bank to inventory -e.x /banksub "jewel" "quantity" /banksub life 13.
/addstr [points]    Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [points]    Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points]    Adds points to Life.
/addene [points]    Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [points]    Adds points to Command.
/requests [on/off]    Enable / disable requests in-game.

Posted21 / 03 / 2020

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